Monday, November 26, 2007

Why must charity heads be paid market rate??!?!?

I do not understand why charity heads must be paid market rate! To join a charity, you must first understand its mission, and what it stands for. It's the same for any organization. If you are leading a big company, you must first understand its mission, goal, vision in order to lead the organization. That goes the same for charity.

If the CEO does not understand the concept of charity, how can he lead the charity? Charity relies on mostly donations to sustain its operations. Charity by itself means giving to the needy. By paying market rate, why are we giving to the CEO instead of the needy? That goes totally against the concept of charity. You're taking the much needed funds to the CEO instead of the charity work that the charity provides. Many of the charities are also volunteer driven. So you're saying that the operations people can be volunteers and not paid, but the CEO is paid market rate??? Why the distinction between the CEO and the operations people??

Furthermore, the fiasco at NKF shows that a profit-driven CEO in a charity is a major disaster in public relations. Profit-driven ways of getting funds might work in the private sector, but it should not be done in the charity sector. It goes against the spirit of charity.

The more I read the news, the more I feel the government is VERY out of touch with the ground, and looks too much at the $$$. Furthermore, the perception that they give is that they want the private sector to do it, and they do not want a hand in this. Then I ask this question. Why are we paying taxes?? So that the government can get a raise anytime they want?? Or are they suppose to do something for the people??

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