Thursday, July 26, 2007

No good person or bad person

Just watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today. I prefer Goblet of Fire though. Many parts they do not follow the book, especially the last part. However, you'll only notice if you remember the nitty gritty details. The movie on the whole is well-paced, and tells the gist of the story. I didn't even realize that 2 hours + has passed. Few movies could do that. :)

Anyway, for some reason, I remembered clearly one part of the movie. I will not tell which section but it was mentioned that there's no such thing as a good person or bad person. Everyone has good and bad within them. It's the choice that one makes that makes all the difference, and differentiate between the good and the bad.

Not the labels you put on yourself, not the words that you say, but through the actions that you do and choices that you make, that will determine what kind of person you are.

Good food for thought.


Rhinestic said...

Yah, I remember that part.. But it's so true though..

chantc said...

I realized that this was also briefly mentioned in Spiderman 3

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