Friday, July 20, 2007


People close to me knows that I'm a stickler for punctuality. What they might not know is that the reason for that is because I don't give promises easily to other people. Once I commit to something, in this example will be meet so and so at this time or come to work at x am, I will do my best to meet the time, even though I might know everyone will be late. Call me stupid but that's the way I am.

Recently for this week, somehow people kept asking me this question. Just this morning before I went to see a doctor (yes, I'm sick again. grrrr), it cropped up again on the breakfast table. My mum lamenting the fact that everyone doesn't seem to have a sense of time. Work starts at 8.30am, come at 9am, work starts at 9am come at 9.30am, etc etc (That's because my sis is going to work later and later).

I told her (and to other people who asked me) that now, it doesn't really matter. What matters now truly is whether can you finish your work. Let's say for a particular task, you have 3 days to finish. I really don't care what time you come to work, but I expect at the end of the 3rd day, you would have given me a reasonably completed task (give and take a bit of refinement). I will have a very big issue if someone take more than 3 days, and yet come to work late everyday, and knock off on time. Even if you have under-estimate the time taken, you're duty bound to complete the task in 3 days. To me, that's the mark of a professional, and of course you'll gain the respect of everyone.

However, deep down inside me, I guess I'm still lamenting the fact that not many seems to take promises seriously, regardless of any religion. Why I mentioned religion? That's because after 10 years and 3 months in a methodist school, I still remember a sentence, which I try my best to follow. "Thou shall not lie". This is also mainly the reason why I don't give promises easily. Can I follow it truly? Of course not in this world of ours. But is that an excuse not to try to adhere to it? No way... At least not for me.

Ok, brain not working... Better go and sleep it off. Darn... Why am I sick again!! :(

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