Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Envy good or bad?

I was just reading the Slice Of Life by 938. Eugene was talking on envying other people. What he said is quite true. How many of us envy millionaires, our ministers, Zoe Tay, etc etc. Envy can be used to drive you to reach your goal.

However, have to first ask yourself a few serious questions:
  • Is that what you really want?
  • Are you willing to make the sacrifices they have made to achieve their current status?
  • Are you willing to lose what they have lost to gain what they have now?

Does chasing other people's definition of success make you happy? Definition of success?

I always wonder why do I spend time to think about this kind of things... :p


Rhinestic said...

I envy pple who are smarter and more creative than me! haha.. actually, it's more of a combination of admiration + envy.... (oh.. i envy pple with good skin.. sobs)

chantc said...

Aiyah, everyone envies people who are smarter than themselves. It's just in which ways are they smarter. I believe no one is good in all areas. They might be smart in 1 area, but they'll lack knowledge in others. It's just a matter of which side are you looking at.

I dunno about creativity. But then again, if you are greatly exposed to the different creative works, that will also "up your level", and through that insight, you can start trying out new designs.

Rhinestic said...

your answer so serious! ==

chantc said...

Aiyah, I was in a serious mood last night. Thinking of something.

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