Monday, December 16, 2013

Phuket Old Town

Whenever I go out for a holiday, I always take care to visit places that I am not able to find here in Singapore. I always target either the nature and wildlife, or urban architecture that is unique to that country. Luckily in Phuket, Thailand, there is a place called Phuket old town that sort of retains some of the traditional elements of how businesses used to be conducted.

I had the chance to visit Thalang Road, Krabi Road and Phang Nga road. Below is a picture of Thalang road, the place "where it all began". Being the lazy me, I chose to take a taxi service which I got from the place I stayed to Thalang road. It helps that I took a map which was available for free at the airport and this road was clearly stated on the map. The cost is about 700 THB from Kamala beach to Thalang road.

The shop houses do not look a lot different from what I can find here but it is what is within that is important. I see many shops that reminds me of the traditional Chinese medicinal shops and shops that are closed using those long wooden planks. It also seems that Thalang road is also closed on Sunday afternoons until late. Didn't really stay that long to find out the difference.

Below is a picture of a more unique shophouse which I saw along Thalang road.

There is a very cute vintage cum souvenir shop cum mini cafe located at the start of Thalang road. Other than items such as tuk tuk made from soft drink cans, they also sell small handicrafts. With the staff's permission, I took a picture of this cute vintage typewriter located within the shop. Pretty neat isn't it?

Below is a picture of the old clock tower at Phuket old town, and you can see a "modernised" red tuk tuk in the foreground. Anything interesting about this old clock tower? Actually, not really. However, it's a recognisable landmark there and helps you to get your bearings. :)

The tuks tuks will horn at you every now and then to ask if you wish for a lift. I did not take up their offer so I'm unsure of how much will it cost for the trip. I was on a budget since it is a rather short trip.

If you're interested, there is a shopping mall called Central Festival Phuket near that area. There are about 5 stories and even a cinema. Around that area there is also a factory outlet mall which I passed by on the way to the airport from Central Festival Phuket. Not sure what outlets are there but I distinctly saw a Rebook outlet shop.

Next related post? Food... Stay tuned. :)

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