Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Not enough bins and frequency to be reduced?

Recently I've been hearing news that there are talks on reducing the frequency of the collection of the rubbish to contain costs. I was quite surprised to hear this because there is a fundamental issue now for Singapore, which is indirectly causing people to litter indiscriminately. The issue is right in your face. There are just not enough rubbish bins.

It is increasingly difficult to find any rubbish bins in Singapore and that by itself, should have contained the costs because the cleaners now have to collect rubbish from lesser bins. If the frequency is reduced, it's almost certain that most of the rubbish bins in Singapore will start to overflow, which will attract more insects and animals, thereby increasing the chance of people in Singapore catching some new diseases or virus.

It's just that simple. Anyone who will take the time to walk around the neighbourhood during normal hours will see that most of the bins are already full to the brim by the time night falls. Does this warrant for a reduction in frequency?

Not for me.

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