Monday, December 2, 2013

Is IT strategic? I don't see it

The buzz word for all businesses is that IT is now strategic, and it's critical for the survival of the business. However, the actions that the businesses do is contrary to what they say.

The reasons are very simple. If IT is strategic, the first rule of thumb is that it should not be outsourced. You will need a good internal team in order to build up the capability to support and drive the internal operations.

Finding people can be difficult but other great companies out there have already programmes that allow them to fund scholarships so that they are able to attract people to work in the business. This sponsorship allows businesses to get people in and ensure the inflow of professionals.

However, this sponsorship should never be used as an excuse to throw these people into jobs that no one wants to do. The sponsorship bond is for the companies to prove to these students that this company is worth staying in. Talent has always been a 2-way traffic.

If IT is really strategic to the business, put those words into actions. Outsourcing your entire IT out makes you no different from other businesses.

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