Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kamala Dreams

I stayed at the Kamala dreams during my short stay at Phuket, Thailand. The main entrance is not something to shout about but the back gate leads you directly to the Kamala beach.

The room is surprisingly quite big and comes with both the aircon and fan as shown below. The power is controlled by the key that you're issued with so take note that the power will be cut off once you take the key with you. You only have 1 key issued to you. :)

As you can see in the picture below, the door is the typical kind of door you see in the bedroom. Yes, it behaves exactly like that so please remember to lock the door from the inside before leaving the room. The room doesn't "auto-lock". :) They have a microwave oven, a small fridge and a sink. There is a 7-11 nearby so if you wish, you can microwave your own food. :)

The picture below shows the toilet. Big and comfy. :)  The hot water was working quite well for me too. Towels and face towels are provided too.

The balcony as shown in the picture below overlooks a small mini pool and of course, Kamala beach. Near sunset, I see many of them sitting at the balcony, facing the Kamala beach.

Below is a picture of the Kamala Dreams from the back entrance.

The stay comes with free ala-carte breakfast, where you can choose from the set. However, the food is the typical home cooked style and in my opinion, a little bit too oily. The poached egg does look like it is poached though so I would say breakfast is ok. Coffee is good. :) That was the only meal I tried there so I cannot comment on its other dishes.

Stay tuned for more of my posts about Phuket.

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