Friday, December 13, 2013

Kamala Beach

How can you not go to the beach if you're at Phuket, Thailand? :) If you have read my previous posts, you would have known that Kamala beach is right outside my "door step" so as to speak. Therefore, this post is dedicated to Kamala beach.

Being someone who likes to take photos, I also took the chance to wake up super early in the morning to catch the "sun rise". Unfortunately, the sun rose at the opposite direction from the sea so the view was not that magical. However, it's amazing to see some folks waking up so early in the morning (before 7am) just so that they can have their swim at the beach.

Below are some pictures of the Kamala beach when I arrived some time in the afternoon. As you can see, the beach is pretty shallow at some parts and it is also cordoned off so that you will not stray too far off into the ocean. You can also choose to "rent" a bed and an umbrella at the beach if you're in for a bit of sun tanning. In addition, they also provide massage service right at the beach.

Below are of the pictures of the Kamala beach that I took around sun rise. It was also low tide so I could take the chance to go up right close and personal with the boats littered around the beach.

Below is the picture of the small road leading to Kamala Dreams. This road is off the main road and is quite small. I guess if you have a GPS, this should not be an issue but I will not dream of traveling around Phuket without a GPS. It's suicidal as many of the road names are in Thai and the English words, if any, are quite small.

If you wish to buy cheaper food, you can walk all the way to the main road where you can find a typical Thai meal for about 40 THB each. However, do note that everything is in Thai and it may be quite difficult to know what you're ordering. No pictures too as far as I can see. However, you can't go wrong with Tom Yum Gai (Tom yum with Chicken) or Pad Thai Gai (rice noodles with chicken). :)

I will have another post on the food I ate in this short trip so stay tuned for more related posts about Phuket.

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