Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phuket Food!

Let's say that I always wanted to try Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Green Curry in Thailand, mainly because I want to know the difference between what is being sold there and what I can find here. Based on what I've tried so far in Phuket, Thailand, I think the Pad Thai and Tom Yum are similar to what I can eat over here but the green curry is slightly different. In fact, one of the dish that I ate was green curry rice and the taste was more "traditional" than what I find here. It's cheap too. More about that later.

The food that is sold around Kamala beach is quite pricy but the portions that are given out are more generous than the portions you will get if you buy from the traditional food stalls where the local Thais eat. However, do note that most of those traditional food stalls will not have a English translation so getting your food may be a challenge.

I ate at a nice place called Mama Mia near Kamala beach that sells decent food, about 125 THB each for Pad Thai Gai and Tom Yum Gai. In fact, most set meals (including Japanese food) sells for around that pricing. Fast food is slightly less than 100 THB while the local food stalls that I ate sell food for about 40-50 THB. I've not tried the roadside stalls though but it should be cheaper. Soft drinks sell for about 20 THB at 7-11 so you may not want to order from the restaurant if you can help it. :)

Some of the non-local thai food is quite good though so don't only restrict yourself to only Thai food. Below are some pictures of some of the food I ate at Phuket. Enjoy.

Pad Thai Gai from Mama Mia at Kamala beach. About 125 THB

"Banana split" from Mama Mia at Kamala beach. The banana is good. :). Slightly more expensive than the Pad Thai

Oyako Don fron Yayoi. Less than 130 THB. The food is good and affordable!

Hot green tea from Yayoi, served in a very nice teapot, cup and saucer.

Kiss and Kiss waffles from iBerry at Central Festival Phuket. It's very good!

New type of Yuan Yang. It's Green tea and coffee and it's not bad. Slightly less than 90 THB.

Green Curry rice with some small slices of chicken. Only 40 THB, located near the old clock tower at Phuket old town

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