Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Return Tray? Change the design of the table

If we're serious in getting Singaporeans to return the trays, we first need to start looking at what the hawker centres or food courts can redesign to make it easier for customers to do it.

2 main problems with customers returning the trays.

First problem: The tray return station is difficult to find, and if we find it, nobody clears it.

Next problem: The table is super small and most of the customers have to empty their tray in order to eat the food that they have purchased.

First problem is the easiest to resolve and some food courts and hawker centres have already started making the tray return station obvious and staffing people there to clear the trays when it comes in. That resolves the first problem. No one seems to be doing anything for the next major problem.

The next problem needs a radical rethink of the type of food sold in the food courts and hawker centres. The food that is purchased by any customer needs to first fit into the tray. That's easy. The next is more radical. Redesign the tables.

Best solution is to redesign the table such that the table top is the tray itself. Slide the tray into the table so that you can have your meal. Take the tray with you to clear it. The tray then becomes essential if you want to sit on the table. This is the easiest way to persuade customers to return their trays.

Don't you think so?

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chantc said...

Interesting that Trayable is doing something similar to what I have mentioned here. It only solves one half of the problem though.

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