Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Invest in maintaining relationships

I'm tired by all the constant bombardment about increasing productivity in the mainstream media because few people seem to understand that it's always a zero sum game. When something increases, something always decreases. That is called equilibrium.

One of the unfortunate side effects of this productivity drive is the decreasing amount of time in which people can spend with their love ones. When we're talking about maintaining relationships with family and friends, you cannot take interaction out of the equation. To build a strong relationship, you need constant interaction. For example, do you measure interaction by saying you spend one hour with someone, vs half a day? You do not. Some things are not meant to be measured in those units. I hope I never live to hear another buzzword called relationship productivity.

To invest in a relationship, to ensure that we can build on those relationships, time is a key factor. When people are wondering why people are not getting married, people are not having children, it's always about time.

You want to reverse that? Simple. Start protecting employees by ensuring that they do not spend their whole waking hours working. I hate to use this analogy but if people still do not understand the importance of time, learn more about the Singapore zoo programmes and you may be able to understand it more clearly.

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