Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Updates will only come when you're logged in as administrator

Recently I realised that my Mac has not been receiving any updates for some time. Upon investigation, it seems that my App Store is unable to detect that I have any updates, even though my iTunes clearly indicated that there is a newer version, and that Mountain Lion released a new update.

Tried googling and I couldn't get any answer to my predicament. At a last resort, I tried logging off my current user account and logging in to the administrator account. Walla. That did the trick. All the updates started to come in.

Problem? I guess one of the earlier patches/updates must have deactivated the updates from working if I'm checking it through a non-administrator account.

This will not affect most Mac users as not everyone is like me, creating a normal user account for normal usage and rarely using the administrator account. :) However if you face a problem like me where the updates are not coming in, try updating when you're logged in to your administrator account.


Anonymous said...

It might be a permissions issue: the update modules might be owned by administrator (or its group) and thus inaccessible by a normal user. Hence the Mac would be unable to check for updates.

This is just a guess on my part, not the official thing. But I'll start with the permissions if I want to do some sleuthing on this issue.

chantc said...

Not true. Something went wrong with one of the updates for the OSX. After I force the updates under the administrator account, all my updates started to work (e.g. iTunes, XCode, etc).

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