Monday, June 24, 2013

Pollution tax based on country of origin

Seriously, I do not believe Indonesia will do anything to stop the fires unless the countries unite and start to hit them where it hurts. Money.

Why are they using slash and burn to clear the areas? Its because its a cheap way to do it. The only way is to make it expensive for them. Let's say,  if the countries seriously affected by the haze (e.g. in the very unhealthy range for more than a day) starts to invoke a 30% pollution tax on all goods where the country of origin is where the fires are for a period of 6 months, I believe Indonesia will start to do something serious about it.

You're responsible for your own mess, and if your mess affects others, you need to fix it. No one can fix it for you. If Indonesia doesn't fix it, then the other countries need to force them to fix it. We cannot put out the fires for you without your permission, but we can impose penalties on you as long as anything belonging to Indonesia reaches our shores.

This is where the affected countries need to show their unity.

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