Monday, June 10, 2013

Light pollution is extremely bad in Singapore

It's difficult to know when it is night time in Singapore due to the severe light pollution we have over here. True, recently there were calls to go green and reduce electricity consumption but sometimes, I feel that people are saying it for the sake of just saying it.

One of the most obvious case of light pollution is the replacement of energy efficient lights in the common areas. Yes, many manufacturers are saying that their lights are now brighter, and yet more energy saving than the previous models. However, the people buying it are missing one important point. The whole point of lights is to light up the area. Why do you need the lights to be brighter than the not so efficient light bulbs? Won't it be more energy efficient if you replace the lights with models that give out the same amount of light, but yet use much lesser energy? Did people forget that the brighter the light is, the more heat it generates? As if Singapore is not hot enough.

There is already enough light that is reflecting back to the atmosphere such that even on moonless nights, I am not even able to see any stars in the night sky. Why do we want to light up the night sky? Is there a whole point to lighting up the car park / basketball court like it's one big light bulb?

One very simple way of reducing light reflecting upwards back to the night sky is to just put light shades. I've already started seeing some light shades in some lighting below the HDB blocks but more can definitely be done to reduce the amount of light hitting back the atmosphere. I do not think it's healthy for the younger generation in Singapore never ever being able to see the night sky due to the excessive use of lights.

Singapore will be a much more beautiful place at night if we reducing the amount of light we use.


Anonymous said...

Eh, I think in the interest of GDP, the govt is gunning for a "City that Never Sleeps"!

chantc said...

You do not need light to indicate that the city never sleeps. Likewise, I can sleep with the lights turned on, and people playing mahjong in the background. :)

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