Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Horrible SingPost SpeedPost / POPStation experience

Below is an experience that I do not wish upon anyone I know.

Friday:Customer received a parcel from Speedpost and was directed to collect the parcel on the next working day at a specific post office
Following Monday lunch time:Customer was told by SingPost in the post office that the parcel was put inside POPStation even though the delivery slip indicated otherwise. Their records show that the parcel was taken out of POPStation and delivered back to their main post office on the previous Saturday. The officer then proceeded to inform the customer to go out to the POPStation lockers and look for the number to call and enquire more information from POPStation.

Singpost did not volunteer to handle this mistake for the customer. Customer was directed to settle it.
Monday afternoonCustomer called the hotline and got redirected from Speedpost to POPStation and back, with no one knowing where is the parcel and why was it put in POPStation even though the delivery slip said otherwise. No one could also explain why is it delivered back to base even though it is supposed to be at a specific post office. Deadlines were given to call back the customer but this was not done. The customer was finally informed that they will call back after 6pm for an update, wasting the customer's whole afternoon.
Monday late eveningA postman came to deliver the missing parcel even though this was never conveyed to the customer, assuming that the customer will wait at home. The customer just happened to be at home. The postman had no idea of what went though earlier and was clueless of the origins of the parcel.

SingPost did not call back the customer at all after 6pm.

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