Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shoe Box Apartments are not feasible in Singapore, no matter the reason

Recently shoe box apartments are again in the news, where certain countries find that the apartments are convenient as they allow people to rent the small apartments which are near their workplaces. Some people pointed to this example as reasons why Singapore should allow the apartments to be built here. I disagree.

The difference between Singapore and other countries is that we are very small and our transport system is one of the better ones in the world. Going from extreme east to extreme west in Singapore won't take you more than 2 hours using the public transport, lesser if you own a car.

This is different from the other countries where you might need to live in the suburbs and travel by car to the city everyday to work.

As Singapore is small, we should not waste the space that we have to build those small shoe box apartments, which by the way are mostly not near our workplaces. The smallness of the shoe box apartments encourage people to live alone or as a couple. Kids? No way if you're living in the shoe box apartment.

Finally, shoe box apartments are very expensive if you look at the psf price. You might as well get a bigger apartment and use it to buy a cheap vehicle to drive to work. It will be much cheaper, and the shoe box apartment also will not be that near to your workplace.

I hope the authorities won't try to bring back the shoe box apartments. I still want my green places, which is getting rarer in Singapore. We're not like other countries where we can drive 3-4 hours away and we can find green fields.

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