Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Low cost iPhone?

I was reading about articles speculating about Apple creating a low cost iPhone and I was trying to rationalise on how Apple will be able to do it without diluting their brand. I feel that there is one possible way Apple can do it.

Apple all along has been improving the iPhone every year while keeping the cost stable. That would also mean that the previous iterations of the iPhone will be cheaper to produce when technology improves. Therefore, I feel that it is highly possible that the 3.5inch iPhone will be treated as the low cost iPhones.

It makes sense because traditionally, the previous version of iPhones will not be able to upgrade to the later version of iOS at some point of time. It will also be missing certain features available in the new iPhones. Therefore, just by continuing the 3.5inch iPhone and producing it in huge volumes will be able to allow Apple to create a low cost iPhone that will not dilute the brand, and yet encourage consumers to get the newer one.

Personally, I think it doesn't make sense to redesign a low cost iPhone. It is never the Apple way... At least I thought so.

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