Monday, May 6, 2013

Rapids Adventure @ USS

Rapids Adventure is one of the more interesting rides at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Why is it so interesting that there can one post dedicated to it? Well, just one word of advice. Deposit your belongings, and wear a poncho. If you do not have, purchase one. You will need it.

Well, judging that you need a poncho, I believe you would have guessed that this is a water ride, and it's not an ordinary water ride. Below is a picture of the main entrance of the ride.

Obviously, I couldn't bring my camera for the ride. I was roaming outside to catch a glimpse of the ride. The ride does go through some nice scenery as shown in the picture below. Notice the blur picture of the ride? Well, it kept going round and round. :)

Here we go down...



Yes, that is why you'll be wet if you are not wearing a poncho. Be warned. :)

Stay tuned for more posts on my activities in USS.

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