Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Other Roller Coaster rides @ USS

For the other roller coaster / 4D rides at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), I will consolidate all the rides into this post. :) According to my wife, it seems that if you see the staff in front of the ride carrying a soft toy, the ride is safe for kids to play. Not sure if it is accurate though. :)

Below is the picture of the Shrek 4D ride. The entrance is to the right-hand side, right beside Shrek.

Below is the picture of the mini roller coaster on top of the red dragon, donkey's wife. After sitting in all the previous roller coasters, this is nothing. :)  It's still fun though.

Do not be deceived by this Canopy Flyer. It doesn't go upside down but it is fast, and it does have sharp turns. 

This is also the other ride that lets you dangle your legs in mid-air, as shown in the picture below.

There are many other rides but they look pretty mild. I didn't get to sit in all so I can't guarantee it though. :)

Stay tuned for my last post on the USS parade.

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