Friday, May 3, 2013

Revenge of the Mummy @ USS

Revenge of the Mummy ride is also one of the popular rides at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). It is an in-door roller coaster ride which I felt is one of the better ones in USS. However, do take note that you are not allowed to bring any bags of any kind in the ride. Either you get someone to look after the bag for you, or you deposit it into the locker. There's a reason behind it. Once you ride it, you will know why. Better make sure you secure all your loose articles. :)

The reason why I specifically dedicated a post to this ride is because of the locker. :) The locker is only free for the first 30 mins. However, it is very likely that after queuing inside, you will exceed this timing. So be prepared to pay $3 to unlock your belongings from the locker. If you do not have small change, there will be somewhere there who will be able to give you some change (not $50 though).

If you see the scene in the picture below, that means you're nearing the ride. :)

The whole zone is designed like a scene out of the Return of the Mummy, as shown in the picture below.

Even the entrance of the ride doesn't really look like an entrance. I thought it was some kind of museum. Don't you think?

Anyway, there are lockers to the left of this ride, if you need to deposit your belongings. That will also be where you'll be exiting for the ride. Have fun.

Stay tuned for more posts on my activities in USS.

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