Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Use RFID to track shopping carts

Recently I was reading about NTUC losing their shopping carts to inconsiderate shoppers who do not bother to carry their own trolley bags and choose not to return the NTUC shopping carts.

One relatively simple way is to install all shopping carts with RFID sensors and to put such sensor gates at the entrances/exits of the supermarket. If the cart leaves the supermarket, which can be detected through a network of RFID receivers, a loud alarm will be sounded. At the exit, there can also be a counter selling trolley bags for shoppers to purchase if they wish to purchase something to help them carry their groceries.

Seriously, just because you're shopping at the supermarket doesn't give you the right to take the shopping cart away from the supermarket and deprive other shoppers from it. With this sensor, you may not even need to install the device that requires someone to slot in a $1 coin in order to take the cart.

It's time to send a message that taking shopping carts away from the supermarket is an unacceptable behavior that needs to be stopped.

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