Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thinning trees due to ezlink implementation for buses?

Recently I've been noticing that the trees have been thinning, especially the trees near the roads. The reason why my attention was diverted to the trees is mainly due to the very hot weather. Previously, I recall that the trees used to block the sun from reaching the concrete floor, which resulted in a cooler environment. Nowadays the weather has been getting hotter and hotter, and I've noticed we have lesser trees to shield us from the fierce sunlight.

Why the trees are thinning? For some reason, one thought came into mind. The buses. The buses I believe are using GPS to detect their current location to calculate the fares to be paid by ezlink. The problem with GPS is that if there are obstructions, the accuracy of the GPS will be affected. This will cause problems in the calculation of the fares.

Are the trees thinning more than usual so as to improve the GPS accuracy of the buses? Hmm...

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