Monday, June 18, 2012

Central control system for all trains

I was taking the train one day when I suddenly thought of the show called "Unstoppable". No, I was not thinking about the runaway train but more of the central control station that controls all the trains running at all the different railway tracks.

I'm not sure if that is the norm in the United States but if there is such a central control system in Singapore, it would solve the main problem where we arrive at the station on a connecting train/LRT only to see the train departing, and the next train coming in only after 6 mins. It's one of the daily frustrations that we encounter everyday. Having this central system will help control all the timings of all the trains running in the rail network and to time it such that trains are in the station just in time to catch the next group of passengers that are arriving from the connecting trains.

I just find it super irritating to arrive at the connecting station only to find the train pulling away. It's even worse when you the connecting lines are operated by the same company. Don't you?

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