Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Culture of company attracts employees

Recently a lot of companies are lamenting that they have problems attracting employees to work in their company. My personal opinion, it's a 2-way street.

Let me bring up an example in the technology arena. Do you hear Apple, Google or even Microsoft having problems hiring people? Other than the salary, I firmly believe that it's also the company culture that matters to someone who is joining the company. I think that in this era, salary is no longer the only overriding reason for someone to join a particular company. The culture of the company, the career roadmap for the employee, the opportunities presented to the employee; they now matters to the employees and to some, they're even ranked higher than the salary offered.

SMEs may not have the "firepower" to offer the same salary benefits, but they do have the flexibility to offer other benefits such as flexi-work hours and shorter career roadmap to name a few. Sometimes, these matter more to certain people and who knows, these may be the type of employees you want working for you.

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