Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yu Man Fang @ Hong Kong

Now it's time to talk about food! Visited the Yu Man Fang (誉满坊) @ Hong Kong Island, also known in English as "Dim Sum". Yes, simple and easy to remember. It's located at 63 Sing Woo Road, in-between the Wan Chai and Causeway Bay MTR, near the Happy Valley Sports Ground. Take a look at the map below.

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Below is the picture of the entrance of the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant is a blend of traditional and modern furnishing, which is something that I liked. Take a look below at one of the pictures that I've snapped. Just lovely.

Even though we were there at around 2pm, we still had to wait for a while for our seats as the restaurant is full. The meal was only for 2 so we did not order much.

You should try the food there, although it's not that cheap. The meal costs slightly above HKD200, including service charge. Below are the pictures of what we ordered and some comments on the food.

Tea (香片)

狗不理包子- Quite dry and not really juicy. Not the best I've eaten

Spring Rolls (银萝金丝脆春卷) - Nice and Crispy!

Xiao Long Bao (鱼翅鲜肉小笼包) - Soup is hot and the meat does not have the pork taste

Vegetarian Carrot Cake (清蒸香滑萝卜糕) - Quite good and not that oily!

Roasted Goose Bun (蜜汁烧鹅叉烧包) - Meat is tender, tasty and not oily. Nice Bun!

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