Friday, May 27, 2011

Seems like the June WWDC is all about software

Just happened to see the press release from Apple on WWDC 2011 and it seems that this coming WWDC focus is all on software. There are no hints on any new hardware for the iPhone so it does seem that the upcoming iPhone will not have any major differences in terms of that.

The theme however for this June WWDC 2011 is the integration between Mac OS and iOS. That itself is quite exciting as I like to see what ideas they can throw around for these 2 operating systems. Some of the features I can think about is the integration of software between iOS, Mac OS and maybe even the cloud. That would mean a purchase of an iOS software on the iPhone can trigger a similar purchase (or bundled) for the software on the Mac OS and maybe some service offering in the cloud. All these can be achieved from the iTunes store on desktop or on the mobile device.

However, the million dollar question is always what software functionality will drive this service. I can think of a few though. June 6, 2011. A date to mark on my calendar.

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chantc said...

Am I right? Seems like it was announced that Steve will be talking about iCloud, Lion and iOS.

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