Friday, May 6, 2011

Over focus on cost

I've been reading some postings on the reason why we need more foreign workers but I feel that there is a misconception that productivity means lower cost. That is in-correct.

All you need to look at is Apple products. Are they cheap? Are they the first in the market? Their R&D centre is situated in the USA!

It takes more to succeed in the real world and cost is only one factor. Being over reliant on cost will only make you efficient, but not competitive. Being efficient on producing a product that does not serve the market is of no use. Many also forget to look at the overheads. Turnover? Quality perhaps? Communication problems?

Many say that there are labour that are equally skilled but cheaper than locals. We cannot deny this fact. They are able to work longer hours than us, may be equally or more skilled than locals, and they are hardworking. If I'm someone who is working away from home, I will also be so hardworking because my family and friends are not with me. My main aim will be to work as hard as possible, earn as much as possible, and go back to my homeland.

How do we compete against that? Yes we can. See our country's birth rate? Seems like most of us are working as hard as them. We start to neglect our parents, our family, and the only focus is on money. Why have children where they will only take up your time and money, and cause us to lose out to the foreigners?

I guess we have no choice since this seems to be what the government wants us to do. Or do we have a choice? There is always a give and take in any situation. It's your choice.

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