Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Policies should target People first

I was reading an economics book recently when a particular sentence stuck out to me. It is stated that the ideal case of good economics is where policies are targeted at the people, and not at the nation.

Well, at first glance some will say that policies should be made for the nation. However, people forget that what consist of a nation? The citizens. Therefore if the policies are targeted towards the citizens, it will automatically apply to the nation.

If a certain policy benefits the nation, but not the citizens, I think we need to rethink it thoroughly. Why are we implementing the policy if it does not benefit the citizens? Are we looking so far ahead that we lose sight of the problems facing us now and neglecting the present problems?

I think we need to bring things back to perspective. Policies are meant to benefit the citizens. If it doesn't, the policy is not worth implementing.

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Rhinestic said...

ok, Mae posted this in her facebook wall:

Please ignore the misleading title given by the blogger and have a read of Devan Nair's foreword to a book called "To Catch A Tartar, Francis T. Seow".

MM Lee's ideals:
Society no. 1, the people no. 2

A.k.a we're just digits to him. we're just there to fuel economic growth for him. (Devan Nair mentioned that the original PAP wasn't like that.)

If the majority of the modern PAP members have the same thinking (I don't know, maybe due to brainwashing by the great MM, or due to fear of being different, or perhaps due to blind respect for the MM), I'm afraid it's hard to change (at least within this next 5 years)

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