Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do not be fooled by the extension of ezlink replacement exercise

If you have not changed your ezlink by today, you better rush down and do it now. Although LTA has just announced that they have extended the free one-for-one free replacement exercise to October 7, buses / trains will only accept the new ezlink cards starting from tomorrow (1 October); the old ezlink cards cannot be used.

Translated. If you have not changed your ezlink card by today, you better prepare lots of coins (if taking bus) or prepare to buy one-way ezlink cards.

I'm not sure why LTA has chosen to announce this piece of news today as this may lead to confusion. Some people might think that the deadline has been extended even for using the ezlink which isn't the case. If this was announced tomorrow, then it will be much more appropriate.

I'm half certain that there will be confusion tomorrow due to this announcement.

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