Monday, March 2, 2009

No wonder I feel so tired

Just today, my mum made an interesting comment when I reached home. As I was eating my dinner at around 8.30pm, she actually asked me why was I so early. I was momentarily stunned when I heard that. I think I did not reply her.

This explains why I was so tired for the past half a year, and especially so these past few weeks. I can practically just fall on the bed once I'm back, and sleep right through to the next morning. I think I've been eating my dinner at 9+pm to close to 10pm for quite some time. Otherwise, my mum won't be making such a comment. Just last year, 8.30pm would be the "normal" time I have my dinner.

Come to think of it, my dinner has progressively been getting later and later. This also explains why I think I'm getting gastric. Oh well... Hopefully things will change for the better soon. I can't maintain this lifestyle for long. My "battery" is going to be spoilt soon.


Yuuki said...

SEE LA SEE LA!!! Who ask you come back so late for dinner >_< Some more everytime say me >_<


Maybe next time maybe you can eat before you come back -- if there's anything to eat around your office at that time -- so you don't end up eating so late. (That's what I usually do when I'm going to leave school later than 8 -- but I have to predict cause pa needs to know by 3pm -_-")

Rin 。 said...

Ooops. Family matters? :)

Please take care of your health, I have always heard ppl saying that:


No point to work so hard and ends up having pains in our body and yet no one is gotta care/pity for us.


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