Sunday, March 29, 2009

清明 horror again

If you're looking for spooky stories, sorry. You got the wrong post.

My horror is the traffic jam "horror" that I see almost every year at the Lim Chu Kang cemetery. This year is even more ridiculous. Singaporeans are either blind, or they are illiterate. The no entry sign was so big and red, and yet people came in from the opposite direction, causing a massive traffic jam.

This happens year after year, and it's a wonder that there isn't any accident. It's very easy to resolve this issue. Just post someone with a notebook, and a camera at the exit, to make sure no one goes against the traffic on Sat and Sun for this period of time. If the government can afford to send officers to catch cars going into the bus lanes, why not some officers to see that the traffic rules are being observed for 清明节?

Or must an accident happen first before anyone does anything about it? Well, if that is so, it'll be soon, judging from those reckless drivers I saw. I already saw an accident that almost happened in the cemetery. Sooner or later...

This reminds me of the child seat belts incident for buses.

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