Tuesday, February 3, 2009

VirtualBox Snapshots Problem for Transient Folders

It seems that since the release of VirtualBox 2.1, new bugs were introduced. I have never encountered problems with saving the snapshot for my VM but it seems that since v2.1, I will have a problem with restoring the VM if I have added a transient folder (temporary folder), and mapped it as a drive. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I have tried taking out the transient folder, and my snapshot recovered successfully. With the transient folder, it seems that the restoration of the snapshot will definitely crash. Even the latest version still has this problem.

Anyway, with the newest VirtualBox 2.1.2, it seems that they've fixed the VHD problem to pre v2.1. That means you can run some VHDs, but most of the VHDs will not work. You can refer to my post here on my problems with VHDs. They have also added in graphics acceleration I believe. Did not try it because that's not the main aim for my VM. I'm still waiting for the VHD to work though...

Other than the VHDs, VirtualBox still matches my needs. Hope the next version doesn't break anything else. :)

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