Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MWC is a joke

I read with great interest on the recent GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2009.

Although Apple wasn't present at MWC, the iPhone got more than a passing mention. The panel which included three of the most powerful CEOs in the mobile industry -- CEO of AT&T Mobility, CEO of Nokia, CEO of Microsoft -- centered on the need for more openness to spur successful innovation in the mobile market.

Openness? Before iPhone came along, not many was using the 3G network, at least in Singapore. After the iPhone became successful, suddenly you have Symbian being open sourced, and Andriod coming into the picture. Now you have "AppStores" sprouting up everywhere. I find it very amusing that Microsoft actually asked for more openness.

Considering Microsoft pretty much dominated the PC world with Windows, a closed operating system, I do not think they have the right to ask for more openness. If they want to have more openness, then they should walk the talk. Start with the Windows family. Allow developers to create applications that can run on both Windows and Linux. Or they can start small by starting with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft going towards the openness route? Not likely.

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