Monday, October 29, 2007


I quote this from the Slice Of Life:

Recognizing our life values, determining how we want to achieve them and taking steps to act on them is self-empowering. When you realize that you are doing what is most important to you, your happiness level shoots right up.

No one likes feeling stuck. It is important to know what you really want and then take some action towards it. Even if progress is slow, you will feel better going in the right direction.

No matter how stressed you are, take a break from your routine to admire the sunrise or share coffee with a friend. It is the moments which make us happiest - yet how many of them slip by unnoticed?

I guess I have to slow down sometimes. Have too much on my mind nowadays. Yesterday I managed to ban myself from 2 accounts because I forgot the pin number. This proves that next time when I'm troubled, I better not touch the computer. I just hope I remember how to reset the PIN number.

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