Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are people too egoistic??

Just yesterday, I saw another fight broke out in the MRT. What I overheard was that they fought because one of them did not say excuse me when passing through.

This is one of the stupidest reason to fight. Just because of "excuse me", they want to go to the police station for it? MRT is a very crowded place. Therefore, pushing in the crowd is quite normal. Some people are so soft spoken in public. Sometimes, you can't even hear their "excuse me". Furthermore, some like to stand near the train door like a statue, and do not let passengers disembark. How not to push? Some even pretend not to hear the "excuse me"

This really sets me thinking if people are becoming very egoistic. Putting one self above others. I've seen many cases where they apply rules to other people, but do not apply the same rules to themselves. To me, that's super hypocritical.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Judging that many Singaporeans are Christians, I'm just wondering if these people actually just selectively listen, based on what benefits themselves. Ok, I do not want to go into a religious debate over this but this is getting way out of hand. One rule for themselves, and one rule for others. Sometimes, I really think that morale has taken a back seat in everyday life. To be fair, this attitude is not confined to Christians, but to know the rule, and to break it knowingly, it speaks quite well on the "standards" these days. Action speaks louder than words.

What on earth do they teach in school nowadays? What on earth are parents teaching their children nowadays?

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