Sunday, June 3, 2007


The most discussed topic recently now is on UNSW Asia, and why did it close down after 1 semester of studies.

After reading both sides of the story (today's ST feature the UNSW side of the story), I think I see a disturbing trend. I know that using tax payers money has always been a hot topic, and care must be taken, and stuff like that. However, I don't like the fact that the trend is to control the project, even though you know nothing about it.

The classic example is UNSW. You forecast the number of students to be so high, even though the fees are 4 times of that of local university, and limited marketing has been done! It's not like Cambridge/Oxford is setting up a university here. I don't know where did that person pass economics but its ridiculous. Where's the feasibility study? How on earth did EDB pass that proposal?

This reminds me of the time long ago, where I saw a proposal on a coffin making business, using the Internet. This business was targeted to be in the black within half a year. It was marked with flying colours. I was wondering... What??? In the black in half a year?? Coffin making?? Using Internet???

Oh well... I hope the trend is not here to stay. Of course we understand the rationale of cutting costs, saving tax payers money, but for goodness sake, if no one knows what's happening, hire someone who do. Reputation is hard to build up, but very easily lost. Its not easy to build up reputation.

And people wonder why a large percentage of projects are not successful. Oh well...

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