Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stupid Vista

I was so prepared to plonk down the money for a new laptop. Guess what? All are preloaded with the dreaded Vista. I asked for the WinXP Pro version, and they said it cannot be installed! (at least for the model I was looking at) This is really great. I guess I have to extend the lifespan of my present laptop. 7 years and still counting.

I was never a firm supporter of Microsoft but this Vista really irks me. And this is why:
  1. Vista is slower than WinXP. It runs so many services which I think is un-necessary for a home user.
  2. Vista uses up much more memory than WinXP. It has been reviewed that your Vista will use more processor speed when your computer is on idle mode. Reason is that a lot of services are at the backend doing stuff. The icing on the cake is that someone said that it uses about 1GB of the 2GB of RAM that the person had when it starts up.
  3. To top it all up, some of my old Windows XP application cannot work on Vista!! My trusty Office XP has to be junked. I'm not sure about the software for my printers, cameras and stuff, which is also quite old.

I don't believe Microsoft will actually do that. Took so long to come out with a new OS and this is the result! I was so ready to go home with a new laptop to play with. Darrrrnnnnnn...

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