Sunday, June 17, 2007

Coal to gasoline??!?!?!?!

First, US denies that they are contributing to global warming.

Now, they want to inject fresh funds to research on using COAL to convert to gasoline!! With so many green technologies available, they must choose the most pollutive of the lot to give grants!

Those people with their black suites and ties should go to the countries most affected by global warming and see if they can still wear their suites for the whole day. Sometimes, I do wonder if the weather can send a tornado or whatever to their capital and see if they still dare to talk this kind of nonsense.

The FBI agencies should check on the politicians who recommended this! See if they are related to any coal mining companies/CEOs.


Rhinestic said...

The FBI? Are u kiddin'?

chantc said...

If not FBI, then the Pentagon. Someone should check them out. It makes no sense to use coal, when coal is already identified as one of the most pollutive energy sources.

Instead of diverting funds on clean energy, they want to research on the most pollutive energy source.

There's also an undisputed fact that coal is a source of finite energy. Clean energy like wave, solar is infinite.

Rhinestic said...

useless leh.. pentagon.. haha.. == =X

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