Friday, October 24, 2014

Random photos in Tokyo

In my trip to Tokyo, I've been to many small shops located within Tokyo other than going to the bigger or well-known attractions. It did happen however that some of this shops bring me to interesting places, which resulted well, in this set of interesting pictures. This post will be dedicated to all the random places that I've been to in Tokyo, including a not so random place which is the Meiji Shrine. :)


Interesting tree canopy I saw on the way to Meiji Shrine

Gate to Meiji Shrine

A wedding that we happened to see within the Meiji Shrine. They are so happy!

The wishing tree within Meiji Shrine

The Eggs n Things cafe at Harajuku! They sell pretty nice pancakes and omelets!

Interior of Eggs n Things Cafe

Marimekko shop that is just 1 street away from Eggs n Things Cafe. Found this place by accident.

Nice graffiti around Harajuku

Interesting decorations at Sugartown

Very interesting insect outside the Uguisu Little Shoppe

Interesting cashier counter at National Arts Centre

Nakamichi Street at Kichijoji

Jiyugaoka Wagon Sale

Kichijoji shopping street at night

Ikebukoro shopping street at night

Tokyo tower taken near the Uguisu Little Shoppe

Tokyo Solamachi at Tokyo Sky Tree. This is where most of the shops are

Tokyo Sky Tree. Look at the tip of the sky tree.

The Macross exhibition by the Chiba Institute of Technology in Tokyo Sky Tree

The busy railway junction at Tokyo Sky Tree

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