Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hakone Open Air Museum

In my short trip to Hakone, I managed to visit the Hakone Open Air Museum, which attempts to create a harmonic balance of nature and art by exhibiting various sculptures on its spacious grounds in combination with beautiful views of the surrounding valley and mountains.

To get to the open air museum, just take the train via the Hakone Tozan Railway and stop at the Chokoku No Mori station, one station before the Gora station. If you have the Hakone Free Pass, you only need to pay 1400 yen per person to get into the open air museum.

Take a look at some of the sculptures you can see around the open air museum.

The amazing thing is how well the sculptures look against the natural background. They even constructed what looks like to me a playground in the picture below. At least I saw a lot of kids within it, which was why I gave it a skip.

Out of all the open air museum exhibits, the Picasso museum is the only closed museum within the area. Just look at the Picasso museum against the mountain backdrop. Isn't it beautiful?

No pictures taking is allowed within the museum though. Please take note. There also some famous sculptures around like Van Gogh and Pablo as seen below.

There are also some amazing scenery around the area. Unfortunately, autumn has not yet come so the leaves have not yet fully turned.

There are also some interesting sculptures around like the one just below, with the person flat on the face. :)


There is a souvenir shop located within, together with a mini cafe that sells sandwiches and stuff where you can grab a bite before you go for your next stop.

That's all for Hakone due to time constraints. Next posts will be all back in Tokyo. Stay tuned... :)

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