Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gora Park

In my short trip to Hakone, I managed to visit Gora Park. Actually, it's my wife's idea because she wants to take a look at the Craft House which is actually within Gora Park. :)

From the Gora station, just follow the signs which will lead you up a very steep hill. After all the climbing that I've done at Mount Takao, this slope was not a problem for me ... like real. :)

Show your Hakone Free Pass and you'll be able to get into Gora Park free of charge. Upon going in, you can easily find the Craft House. The signs make it quite easy to find.

After that, we wander around and I found the entrance to the tea house in Gora Park. The entrance looks so beautiful. There are also many owners walking their dogs around the park.

In the center of Gora Park, you will see the fountain and near the fountain, you will be able to see Rose Garden.

There are not many roses around the garden but below are some of the roses I took at Gora Park.

While taking photos of the roses, I also found a moth and a butterfly flying around the area. Couldn't resist trying to take a photo of these 2 beauties. :) Can you spot them?

Can you see the 2 insects? :) Stay tuned for more posts on Hakone...

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