Sunday, October 19, 2014

Food at Yama no Chaya

In my previous post here, I've talked about Yama no Chaya and I've mentioned that my next post will be all about Yama no Chaya's food.

Well, I did hear about luxury Ryokan before I chose Yama no Chaya but I did not expect my dinner to be an 8 course dinner that will last slightly over 2 hours. Wow... That's equivalent to the Chinese's wedding dinner.

This post will be dedicated to Yama no Chaya's dinner and breakfast. For dinner and breakfast, the attendant from Yama no Chaya will ask you on your preferred timing. Basically, the dinner timing will be dependent on when you wish to go for your onsen.

In my case, we had our dinner at 7pm and it ended about 915pm. So... Are you ready? Here goes.

You start off with green tea and the lychee sake.

1st - Japanese mushroom mixed with milk tofu; shrimp,shimeiji-mushroom and Japanese mustard spinach; Barracuda sushi; Carrot and Shrimp sponge cake; small taro with salted sea urchin; arrow head chips; buckwheat noodle sticks and ear of rice 

Close-up of ear of rice covering barracuda sushi and the carrot and shrimp sponge cake

2nd - Clear Bonito soup with Quail meat ball and Maitake-mushroom, potherb mustard and yuzu

3rd - Sashimi Tuna and Grouper

4th - Grilled Sea Bream and boiled Turnip in chicken stock; served with carrot, green onion and Ichimi-pepper

5th - Boiled Mangalica pork in Miso, served with shrimp potato, egg plant, and kidney beans; Grilled pacific saury with shuto, served with ginko nuts and green pepper; Roasted wagyu (ashigara beef), served with chinese yam and Balsamic soy sauce

Close-up of grilled pacific saury with shuto

Close-up of roasted wagyu beef

6th/7th - Roasted Mt Fuji Salmon and shitake mushroom with grated daikon-radish, served with salmon roe, japanese parsley and red raddish; Rice mixed with Matsutake-mushroom

Close-up of roasted Mt Fuji Salmon

This is the pot which was used to cook our mushroom rice

7th - Chef's special miso soup

8th - Purple sweet potato mousse and boiled ginko potato with Lemon, served with raspberry and mint leaf

For breakfast, we did not have the menu list so we were kinda eating blind. We also had an onsen before that so it didn't really cross our mind to ask what we were eating. Oops. :p

This is most of the breakfast set, which mains consist of yummy porridge, mini oden, eggs, fishcake, fried fish.

Close-up of the fish cakem egg and the fried fish behind.

Close-up of the mini oden

Close-up of the miso soup, that contains squid and meat too

Close-up of the yummy fish which is different from the fried fish I mentioned just now

This is the manju available when we first went into the room. I ate it only during breakfast. :)

That's all for the food at Yama no chaya. I've never been so pampered in my life. :) Stay tuned for my next posts on Hakone.

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