Monday, October 27, 2014

Food in Tokyo

Last but not least, I have dedicated my last post for my trip to Tokyo to ... ... food! Yes, lots and lots of food. For this trip, I decided not to scrimp on food and that we should eat some normal Japanese food when we're there instead of sandwiches and stuff. Other than the extravagant dinner and breakfast we had at Yama no Chaya, we ate a mixture of bento and set lunches in restaurants.

One thing I did notice is that the price of food has increased. For a reasonable meal, it will cost about 400 - 500 yen per meal (e.g. Beef bowl rice). Set lunch in restaurants ranges from 1,080 yen (yes, 8% GST) to about 1400 yen per person. Drinks are about 250 - 500 yen.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and that's all the posts I have for my trip to Tokyo. :)

Tengu Soba at Mount Takao. 1,300 yen

Beef rice with eggs and onions at Matsuya. This is the bigger bowl, costing about 680 yen. Smaller bowl costs 420 yen

Red bean Manju! Cannot remember the price. This is from Hakone though.

Seasonal Set Lunch from the Limited Express Romance Car. 1,080 yen if I remember correctly.

The romance car bento! 1,080 yen if I remember correctly.

Romance Car Bento unboxed. There are also noodles inside and some meat underneath.

Beef bento dinner. 500+ yen if I recall correctly.

Pancakes from Eggs n Things cafe. Part of the Omelet set for an additional 400 yen

Today's special omelet from Eggs n Things cafe, with vegetables, mushrooms and sausages. About 1,450 yen.

Eggs Benedict from Eggs n Things cafe. One of the poached eggs was slightly over-cooked but the other is perfectly done. About 1,200 yen.

Shoyu spaghetti from Hoshino's Coffee. This is delicious and its only 880 yen.

Hoshino's Coffee pancake with Maple syrup and it only costs 550 yen!

Close-up of the pancake and this is definitely better than the one in Singapore. It actually tastes more like a pancake than muffin!

Dorayaki from the shop opposite Mitake station.

Nana's Green Tea Salad cum rice lunch set, costing 1,080 yen.

Macaroon from FabCafe

Cafe Mocha from FabCafe. 500+ yen.

Bento Set Lunch from Tokyo Sky Tree. 1,000+ yen.

Bento vegetarian set lunch from Tokyo Sky Tree. 800+ yen.

Sushi offer from Seibu. Only 1,000 yen.

Karrage, dumplings and meatballs from Seibu. Only 400 yen thereabouts

Mushroom soup. I believe it is 200+ yen

Daifuku. Unsure about the pricing.

Close-up of the red bean daifuku.

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