Monday, July 28, 2014

Sometimes not all comments need to be constructive

Recently I was reading some articles on comments on policies when it suddenly struck me that all comments may not need to be constructive.

Let me explain... The biggest issue with constructive criticism is that you will only know about the problem if the person who know of the problem also thought of a solution. There is a very fundamental issue using that line of reasoning. It means that no one will know of the problem early on. Who knows... Maybe no one will ever know of the problem because no one was able to think of a solution.

If you wish to be proactive and resolve issues before it becomes a big problem, then everyone needs to voice out on the issue at hand. For example, if the policies enacted still do not resolve the issue, then state it and highlight the problems still faced by the residents. Be factual and acknowledge that you have no solution but its the duty of the member of parliament to highlight this issue to everyone.

Who knows... Maybe someone else in the room will have the answer to the problem. However, if no one voices it out, no one will ever know there is an issue. That's the fundamental problem with constructive criticism.

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