Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Railings to put bags and belongings on buses

Whenever I take the Singapore's bus transport system, I always wonder why the buses are not designed such that it's easier to move in and out of the buses. Whoever who takes the bus will immediately know what is impeding the movement to and fro within the buses. Belongings.

Many of us carry our work bags, be it laptop sling bags, laptop backpacks or just shopping bags. The buses here are already designed in such a manner that the walkway is incredibly narrow. The newer buses are even worse where if you go to the back, it's very difficult to squeeze your way out.

One of the ways that you can redesign the back of the buses is to put railings at the top of the buses so that people can put their belongings on top, thus freeing up space. This is very commonly used in Japan if you've taken their trains. Advertisements are useless on buses because no one ever looks at them within the buses. Just look at all the passengers glued to their phones.

Other ways that you can redesign the buses such that the flow is more smooth:
  1. Move the grab poles to the centre or back of the buses so that people are forced to move in
  2. Ensure that the bus drivers do not drive like daytona and wait for people to move in or move out of the bus
  3. Leave some standing area, hopefully near the doors, so that people can maneuver themselves within the crowded bus.

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