Monday, July 7, 2014

On hindsight, serving in the army has its usefulness

Recently I was having a discussion on the usefulness of army since almost everyone that I know of want to, in Singapore lingo, siam, the 2 years compulsory national service. Well, obviously I know that feeling because I thought the same myself at that point in time. However, after looking back at my years of compulsory service in the army, including my reservist training, I see the usefulness of this training and its effect on guys.

Well, in summary, I went in a boy, but I came out a man.

You may think that I'm an army spokesperson in disguise getting people to join the army but this is my own personal experience. I was very shy before I went into the army but after undergoing rigorous training in a combat unit, I came out more confident and sure of myself.

The reason is very simple. I reasoned to myself that if I managed to do all those things that I did in the army, why should I be afraid of talking in front of lecture halls or talking to strangers, be it guys or girls?

Believe it or not, it worked, at least for me. I became less conscious of myself and even till now, I don't really get any jitters be it talking to a stranger, or talking to a CEO or my CEO. I just look back at my army days and tell myself, what is that compared to what I did last time? :)

Don't ask me what I did in my army days though. Haha.

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