Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I do not like over enhancing the photos

If you have been to the links to my other photo albums, I think you may have realised that the most editing I ever do is to manipulate the raw file. I rarely edit the image further than that for a very simple reason. Over enhancing the images make it look fake.

The purpose of me taking photos is to capture the image that I saw so I can record it physically so I can reference it and recall what happened in the future. If the image looks very fake, its likely that I am unable to remember what happened previously because the image may look nothing like what I have seen at that time.

The other reason is that I usually try to post whatever photos I've taken on the very same day that it happened. I do not wish to spend days or weeks to enhance the photo because if I can get it right initially, its minimal work for me to convert it to the picture format.

Anyway you can take a look at my flickr account to see the photos I've been taking. Most are edited by DPP which is part of the image software provided by the camera manufacturer so that I can manage the raw file. That's all I have and that's all I do.

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