Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quite impossible to use various security tools software together

I was quite amazed recently when I read an article that talks about using various security tools together. This doesn't make sense from a virus/malware perspective for a very simple reason. It doesn't work together.

First off, anti-virus is definitely a security tool that helps protect servers/desktops/laptops/mobile devices. If anyone is remotely familiar with these tools, they would have understood that you could never install 2 anti-virus software from 2 different vendors into 1 machine. The whole system will freeze because both conflicts with one another, and both are tapping on the same resources, causing the whole system to slow.

The best security for a machine is to lock it down so that only 1 person can access the machine and there is no access to Internet/floppy drives/USB thumbdrives/DVD/CDRom. However, what use is that machine for? Likewise, if you make the machine so busy scanning for xxx number of anti-viruses/malware that you cannot do anything else on that machine, what's the use of getting that machine? You might as well not have it.

Even from a vulnerability security tools perspective, the tools may or may not conflict with one another which may cause false positives. In addition each security tool usually have updated definitions every now and then, which will hopefully catch all the latest intrusion.

All in all, you should not attempt to use different security tools together if you don't understand them. You may render your entire machine useless. One anti-virus or one scanner is usually sufficient. In fact, if you know how to lock down your machine, anti-virus may not even be necessary.

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