Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's time to use the CCTVs for other purpose; smoking

Recently, the government has announced that they will be installing CCTVs in selected estates to deter high-rise littering. With the installation of such CCTVs, the authorities could also look into something else other than high-rise littering; smoking near the windows.

With the installation of such CCTVs and these CCTVs seem to be powerful enough to detect cigarette butts, I believe that it is time to enact the law to ban smoking near the windows within the flats.

The reason is very simple. When you smoke near the window, the smoker may not be aware that the smoke is actually blowing into another household. If anyone within that household has respiratory problems, the smoke will cause complication to that person. Closing the windows will stop the smoke from coming in but that means that the house will be poorly ventilated. Air-conditioning is also not cheap, unless the smoker wants to pay for the household's air-conditioning bills to have the privilege of smoking near the windows.

The other problem is the cigarette ash. Some inconsiderate smokers will also dump the ash outside the window, not knowing that this ash can blow into someone's house. I've already encountered burn marks near my kitchen window because an inconsiderate smoker insist on smoking near the kitchen window.

I'm fine if the smoker wants to smoke within the house, with all the windows closed. That's their privilege. Do not disrupt other household's lives because of your habit. Anyway, we all know smoking is bad for health, and second-hand smoke is even worst.

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